Partner im Verbund der CargoLine
Partner im Verbund der CargoLine

CargoLine increases net reliability

Change of partners will only be possible in three and a half years at the earliest / Uniform partner websites as an expression of unity

By means of a measure, which is absolutely unique among groupage cooperations, CargoLine has considerably safeguarded its network. Through a prolongation of the orderly period of notice all franchisees have firmly bound themselves to the cooperation for the next three and a half years. Unless the contracts, which are valid for an indefinite period, are terminated twelve months before expiry of this term at the latest, they will be prolonged automatically by three further years.

”Owing to the continuous buyouts of medium-sized forwarding agencies by combines many customers are not sure how much longer their independent transport and logistics cooperations will exist in this form” Mr. Jörn Peter Struck, managing director of CargoLine GmbH, explains the situation. “Thanks to the prolongation of the orderly period of notice we are the only groupage cooperation to ensure a net reliability until the end of 2011 at least. This is not only advantageous for our customers. This also enables us to concentrate fully on our work and the current projects such as the consolidation of our European network, optimisation of processes and the ecological certification.”

In the Internet as well CargoLine presents itself more than ever before as a unit: no matter on which partner website interested persons click, since the beginning of this year they have been greeted everywhere by the same basic design with identical menu structure. At the same time the new websites offer the partners enough freedom to present their enterprises in the usual form. Thus CargoLine is the first groupage cooperation to appear as a brand also in the Internet by including all partner companies.