Partner im Verbund der CargoLine
Partner im Verbund der CargoLine

CargoLine started ecological certification

At the beginning of this year CargoLine started the ecological certification of its network. After completion in July 2008 CargoLine will be the first groupage cooperation in Germany to have a certification in the field of environment as per DIN EN ISO 14001 and at the same time also in the field of quality management as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 including the HACCP concept. The certification is effected by the renowned enterprise Moody International Certification GmbH (Mönchengladbach).

The fact that environmental protection and the operation of a forwarding agency are not contradictory at all has long since been proved by the partner companies of CargoLine. Paperless settlement, bundling of transports, optimisation of routes, avoidance of deadheads, use of bio diesel and fuel-conserving trucks, training of drivers, power generation by means of solar panels, waste separation and the biological treatment of water in washing plants are just a few examples of the partner companies’ standard. By the ecological certification the practice now becomes official or rather is made transparent to our customers.

”As a result of the globalization and today’s consumer behaviour the quantity of transports will continue to increase in the years to come. To protect the environment all CargoLine partner companies took corresponding measures at an early stage. The ecological certification which makes us the forerunner of groupage cooperations, confirms our varied efforts”, Mr. Jörn Peter Struck, managing director of CargoLine GmbH, proudly sums up.