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Partner im Verbund der CargoLine

Compliance / Antiterrorist regulations

The antiterrorist regulations passed by the EU are embargo measures to fight terrorism. They do not aim at particular countries or product groups, but at persons, organisations and unions. This aspect has introduced a completely new dimension into the European foreign trade legislation. The regulations include a list of terrorists and terrorist organisations to whom or rather to which business connections must no longer be maintained. The regulations oblige enterprises to take new and most complicated measures in order to make out and to prevent any forbidden business connections. The trade, finance and payment restrictions deeply intervene in business actions.

Among the threats of punishment are a fifteen-year prison sentence at worst and heavy fines of 500,000 Euros. The skimming of profits or the equally threatened freezing of bank accounts can also ruin the company affected.

Lebert has a computer programme that compares every single captured address with the antiterrorist lists of the USA, the EU and Switzerland and which controls whether it is suspicious. In case a suspicion is confirmed Lebert immediately informs the customer.