Partner im Verbund der CargoLine
Partner im Verbund der CargoLine

In 2007 CargoLine scored another plus in consignments and turnover

Organic growth as a motor / Jobs were created

In the business year 2007 CargoLine was able to increase its volume of consignments and turnover for the seventh time running. The amount of consignments rose from 8.5 millions in the previous year to approximately 9.7 millions in 2007 (this is a plus of 14.1 per cent of outgoing consignments alone) and the turnover rose from 1,088 to 1,221 million Euro (a plus of 12.2 per cent). Thus CargoLine further consolidates its position among the three top groupage cooperations of Germany.

  “The fact that we grow in an absolutely organic way confirms our strategy: we offer our customers an independent network of medium-sized partner companies. This network will be stable in the long run and offers a range of products in line with market requirements, has a European scope, an area-wide track and trace system for packages and a provable high quality standard”, is how Mr. Jörn Peter Struck, managing director of CargoLine GmbH, analyzes the result.

In the 45 partner companies of the groupage cooperation the number of employees rose from 6,100 to 6,400 (a plus of 5 per cent). Among these employees are 664 young people whom CargoLine trains to become qualified employees.

The start of the new business year was positive. As a result of the increase in consignments in the import and export business, CargoLine established a separate European hub in Hauneck near Bad Hersfeld in March. At this hub around 300 tons are transferred per night. The strategy of consolidating the European network is still the main focus of the cooperation. Among other things this includes a closer contractual binding of further partners abroad and the area-wide electronic filing of delivery documents. In addition to that the Key Account Management is being extended.