Partner im Verbund der CargoLine
Partner im Verbund der CargoLine

Milestones of the company's development

In 1954 Franz Lebert together with Johann Birkart from Aschaffenburg founded the Franz Lebert & Co. KG. Over the decades he ran the company with entrepreneurial agility and farsightedness so that it became a significant regional forwarding agency.

Further companies in Germany and Austria enlarged the scope of action of our group and led to the specialisation in domestic and international transport services.

As honorary chairman of the "Vereinigung Deutscher Kraftwagenspediteure" (Union of German Transporters) Franz Lebert committed himself to the interests of the whole middle-class branch of transport business.

1954 - Foundation of Franz Lebert KG Kempten

1955 - Regular domestic traffic

1956 - Warehousing for the Allgäuer Milchwirtschaft (dairy farming)

1957 - Foundation of the associated company Birkart & Lebert in Austria

1961 - Foundation of Lebert GmbH Baienfurt/Ravensburg

1962 - Regular traffic in Europe

1977 - Foundation of Lebert AG CH-Wil/St. Gallen

1982 - New plant in Kempten/Ursulasried

1985 - Start of complex data processing

1986 - Foundation of the Swiss Holding LEAG

1989 - Expansion ot the European network

1991 - Foundation of Franz Lebert KG Ulm/Erbach

1995 - Foundation of the data processing subsidiary LECOMP

1996 - Certification of the whole enterprise according to ISO 9002

1998 - Project services / contract logistics

1999 - Accession to the middle-class cooperation CARGOLINE

2001 - Introduction of CEPRA II

2003 - Partner of the year within the Cargoline group

2006 - Integration of ABX Bad Waldsee