Partner im Verbund der CargoLine
Partner im Verbund der CargoLine


Certification as per AEO-F standard

The certification of enterprises as Authorized Economic Operators is an essential part of the EU Customs Security Programme with the aim to protect the entire supply chain from dangers such as terrorist attacks. Especially manufacturers operating internationally have to ensure a continuously certified supply chain. With effect from 17th August, 2009 Lebert & Co. KG obtained the AEO-F certificate from the Head Customs Office in Augsburg. The AEO-F (full) status comprises the AEO-C (customs) status with its customs simplifications as well as the security sensitive terms of the AEO-S (security and safety) status. We are pleased to have met the high demands on financial solvency, reliability and security and safety, which is imperative to obtain the AEO-F status, and that we can thus continue to be your competent partner for all international consignments and all customs matters.

Certification of Lebert according to the latest DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

The general opinion is that the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 is basically nothing new. However, what distinguishes the certification of Lebert from that of other organisations is the transparency towards the customer.

What is normally certified? Groupage! Groupage freight means the transport of consignments between 1 and 3,000 kg from A to B within 24-48 hours. Lebert did not only have the "groupage" in general certify, but also all systematised product fields of transport services and warehouse logistics in order to comply with the HACCP guidelines.

That is the reason why in recertification audits the external auditor not only examines the usual interface for groupage, but he also checks whether the particular product features of all certified fields are kept.

With this certification we prove that we do not just talk about product differentiation to our customers, but that we really identify ourselves with these products and put them under strictest control.

The Cargoline network also works according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 / HACCP and thus complies with the same quality standards. Several times per year internal and external audits are held in every depot to check that the guidelines are kept.

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