Partner im Verbund der CargoLine
Partner im Verbund der CargoLine


Market leadership

We will substantially contribute to making Cargoline the leading middle-class cooperation of the market for logistic services in Europe. We are independent and equal partners on highest European level and we are striving for strategic cooperation.

Customer orientation

Lebert endeavours to understand earlier than others the requirements of the market and to learn from them continually. We are a preferred dialogue partner and thanks to our great understanding of our customers' requirements we attain sustainable competitive advantages for our customers.

Competence in providing solutions

We will offer our customers a wide selection of services and by means of innovative solutions we will develop future markets. Within the combine of Cargoline we are a dynamic market partner with highest efficiency and competence in providing solutions.

Corporate culture

We foster a unique middle-class corporate culture which is marked by courage and agility. We consider it an essential goal of our enterprise to identify and integrate our employees and we endeavour to provide an exemplary standard of qualification and commitment.